About Technooxy 

The Technooxy Firm is an emerging IT company and is a partnership jointly setup by the experianced professionals who where been giving a great solution with programmes controling the computer's mode of opertaion to solve complicated across the entire nation.

Our excellence in Technology and research has contributed towards building up, in a very short span of time,our strong partnerships with major national and international IT companies termed to be a foot path and that made us a successful firm.

The Firm excells and focuses on the area of research and development process like Cloud Computing ,web3.0,Portal Environment,Mobile, Web Technologies.Also we are good at penetration testing and security testing etc. We at Technooxy have a commitment to build bridges to connect the powerful resource of Information Technology to human life and we firmly believe that IT is and must be a tool that can do wonders - for the society, for the common man.

Technooxy mission is to conquer information technology and power to improve the quality of human life. We really aim for solving real life problems with advance technology.
As a whole sum, Technooxy offers different interfaces for professionals, Technology and industry to work collaboratively for a better tomorrow.